Completed: Uncharted Drakes Fortune

6 months ago, I picked up the Nathan Drake Collection on PS4.  I already had the first 2 games on PS3 but never had the chance to play them and I think the 3rd installment dropped on PS Plus at some point…

Last month, my missus bought me Uncharted 4 for my birthday, so the time has come to work my way through this series…

Don’t get me wrong, I have played and completed The Last of US, another title produced by Naughty Dog so I sort of understood what I was getting into, so I fired up the PS4 and settled down for what would hopefully be a great storytelling experience (based on what I had heard about the Uncharted games)

So, first of all, let me breakdown the plus points….

The visuals are clean and clear, especially when you see side by side comparisons to the original last gen version, so the process of pressing the HD button has obviously been done well!

The story was also pretty solid, Drake and his companions are put through the ringer as they solve clues as to the location of the treasure and it’s hidden secret, it is standard adventure game fare, you make progress then the antagonists, steal your stuff, capture you etc.

Now for the weaker points.

The gunplay feels a little primitive, there are few options in terms of weaponry and even then, when you get a new type of firearm, it may have a capacity of 7 rounds so what is the point of trading your 60 shot pistol for a small capacity hand cannon? It took me a while to get used to the aiming mechanics, I found myself rushing past targets when using the sights, there is a technique that I eventually picked up whereby you make very small adjustments while aiming that *seemed* to work for me.

Another gripe was a dead giveaway about what you were about to face…. chest high walls!
Just as you clear a section requiring you to navigate your way through a series of jumps, climbs and puzzles only to find an area, choc full of chest high walls.

Now for my major pain point in this game, jetskis!!!
Sweet jesus, the jetski sections are truly awful…. the vehicles drive clumsily, reacting poorly to the movement of the controller, meaning that half of the time I was crashing into walls, pillars and most frustratingly, explosive barrels that see Drake shuffling off the mortal coil. These sections of the game were a real struggle for me and the relief felt when I passed them was palpable!

To summarise my experience, it was an enjoyable romp through quite a varied environment, that while not feeling all that innovative 8 years after its original release, holds up enough to make me want to continue the story and see what scrapes Nathan winds up in next time.

That needs to hold on while however, as up next its DOOM!