Completed: Doom (PS4)

I remember playing Doom on the PC back in the day. It was frantic fun and probably had the most diverse bunch of enemies of any FPS of its time. Doom guy would open a door (after searching high and low for the elusive keys to the locks) only to find the area filled with all manner of demons.

Fast forward 20 years and I didn’t have high hopes for ID Software’s reboot of this gaming classic, I didnt see much about it before release, the marketing was pretty low key but then the review scores started to roll in, so I just had to pick it up.

Wow, what a blast this game is!

From the moment you start venturing around the scientific compound on Mars, you know things are going to get crazy. The possessed bodies of the former inhabitants are everywhere, trying to swarm Doom Guy and take him down. The bad guys ramp up in difficulty as you transition from inside the facility, to the barren landscape of the red planet.

There is a nice sense of progression as you level up your powers and weapon capabilities right up until the point you hit the bosses, which for the most part kick your ass first time round… Once you spot their patterns and learn to adapt, they fall by the wayside, leaving you to race through the game at your own pace.

All in all, it took about 10 hours to see all I wanted to see in the single player game, with the multiplayer aspect of it not really interesting me, but for the £15 or so I paid for the games, it represented fantastic value for money!

Here is my summary:

  • If you liked the original Doom games – GET IT
  • If you like games with a bit of character to them – GET IT
  • if you enjoy a solid FPS experience – GET IT

In other words – pick this game up and enjoy the madcap fun it has in store for you!

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